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Gamintojas: Natec
Grupė: Kita
Kaina: 13.20 €
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Atnaujinta: 2021-11-29 06:11:02
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Natec Laptop cooling pad DIPPER 710 g, Black, 267 x 377 x 33 mm
AC input voltage: 5
Airflow: 24 - 24 CFM
Compatibility: Supports up to 15.6" laptops
Embeeded battery: No
Gamintojo prekės pavadinimas: DIPPER
Garantija: 24
Input current:
Išmatavimai (PxGxA): 267 x 377 x 33
Kitos savybės: The main distinguishing feature of the stand is efficient cooling thanks to the use of one illuminated 200 mm fan, which cools the laptop evenly on the entire surface of the stand
Natec Dipper also has a built-in hub with two USB 2.0 ports, which significantly increase its functionality. Thanks to this, you can easily connect additional accessories or chargers to the laptop
Medžiaga: Metal, ABS
Noise level (max): 18
Paper/Pasteboard: 270.00
Plastic (No PET): 30.00
Power consumption (standby):
Producer product family: Laptop cooling pad
Spalva: Black
Svoris: 710
Svoris Netto: 0.89
USB ports quantity:
WEE klasifikatoriaus kodas: CL109:5:2017-04-01
WEEE mokestis : Yes

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