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Gamintojas: Deeper
Grupė: Kita
Kaina: 14.70 €
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Atnaujinta: 2021-08-25 06:10:52
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Deeper ITGAM0001 Night cover, Orange
Device connectivity:
Embeeded battery: No
Gamintojo prekės pavadinimas: ITGAM0001
Garantija: 24
Kitos savybės: A Night Fishing Cover is engineered specifically for Deeper Smart Fishfinder and Deeper Smart Sonars to maximize a device functionality and enable its usage at night. The Night Fishing Cover allows a bright flashing LED light to pass through its translucent orange cover, so it can be distinctly seen at a distance and in the dark. Which makes it impossible to loose Deeper device from your sight. Small and light Night Fishing Cover is simple to replace.
Paper/Pasteboard: 14.00
Product type: Night cover
Short Description: Fishing at night? Add a light function to your Deeper. Just swap the original cover case with a transparent one and choose night fishing mode on the mobile application.
Spalva: Orange, Orange
Special features: The Night Fishing Cover is a cover for your Deeper Smart Sonar.
Svoris Netto: 0.02
Tipas: Night Fishing Cover
WEEE mokestis : No

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